Form VAT 156 : Certificate of tax Deduction


See Rule 44(3)

Certificate of tax Deduction



1 Name and full address of the
  Government Department/
  Undertaking or Statutory Authority
  deducting tax
2 (i) Name and full address of the Contractor who
    has executed the Works Contract
  (ii) (ii) TIN and LVO or VSO.
3. Particulars of the tax deducted.-



Sl. No. Bill No./date


Description of Works Contract Year of the execution of Works Contractor Amount paid Amount of tax
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)



Tax amount deducted



Details of remittance
(a)Challan No. & date if remitted to Government Treasury/Bank


(b)Cheque, D.D. or receipt No. & date if remitted to the VAT Office or VAT sub-office


(c)Details of book adjustment, if the amount is adjusted at the office of the Accountant General, Bangalore
(7) (8)


Certified that the tax deducted as above have been remitted by us into Government Treasury*/Bank*/to the .................. (Name of the Office where the deducted tax is remitted)* or the same has been adjusted in the books of the Accountant General, Bangalore*, in accordance with Section 9-A and that the particulars furnished above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.



Place: Name and Signature of the
Date : person deducting tax with
  his designation and seal.


*Note: Strike out whichever is not applicable.  

Form No: